Commission Domination


Commission Domination is a great new new effective way to promote your business Online.  The Commission Domination package is able to take you through the steps to success to ensure ROI, or Return on Investment.  No longer do people need to be put off as they trawl through article after article of confusing information, only to feel thoroughly demoralised before they even start, and just give up on the idea.  This package can show you how to avoid the common pitfalls, and clearly set out what you need to do in order to be successful.


Here are a few reasons why online businesses fail:

Problem 1 – A site which has not been promoted properly.

The number one cause of failure with an online business is that it is simply not well advertised for people to find it.


Problem 2 – Non-targeted traffic coming to your site.

Another cause of failure is that, although the online business itself is getting a lot of hits to the site, that is as far as it goes, and no one is interested enough to buy anything.

One of the causes of this could be that the traffic directed to the site has been generated generically though a program exchange For example.  Successful sales can never be made in this way,  people are highly unlikely to buy anything, unless they are specifically looking for the product.


Here are some different ways to promote an online business and make it successful:

1. Advertising a product on a well presented website is the oldest method of promoting a business, and the one that most online businesses aim for.  Now there are other powerful tools:

Social Media websites have now grown to be more and more powerful, and you can benefit greatly from this by targeting your traffic in order to promote your business. The package can pin point some examples:

Youtube is a massive social media website.  Millions of people all round the world watch the videos on the site. Given the massive amount of people who view YouTube, you have a perfect opportunity to target some of this traffic to your site.  Many people find it much easier to watch a video to find out about something than just read about on a web page.

Other social media sites are, for example, Myspace and Facebook.  Again, due to the large numbers of people who go to these sites, you have an opportunity to advertise your business to targeted people

Blog sites are another great example, as people use them in order to find out about and to discuss a particular subject.  If your business is relevant to the subject ie if the discussion is, for example,  about internet marketing products, and your business actually sells internet marketing products being discussed,  you have a ready made captive audience right there!



The number one rule for advertising on these sites is know exactly what the TOS or Terms of Condition are that are required on these sites, before you advertise.  You need to be sure that you put up an advertisement which also has some information on the product – not just a few words on a banner directing a person to a site.   If you know the rules, and stick to them, you will be able to advertise.   If you get on the wrong site of the social media networks you will be seen as an annoying spammer who has broken the rules.  Your membership will be revoked and you will not get another chance to advertise on them.  It’s just a case of knowing the rules and sticking to them.

In Conclusion this package is able to guide you to success in an easy, simple and concise way.  Why not start today and turn your business into a real going concern?  Start today and download Commission Domination Here.

Commission Domination Launches Soon

Commission Domination is expected to launch on August 1st 2011

From what we understand this program allows you to build a new project, choose how to monetize your site, identifyyour keywords easily, make your site optimized for domain searching, custom html and article spinning and of course, setting it to run automatically.  Amazingly all these processes are done with just a few clicks of the button and a few blanks to fill.  This is excellent software it does EVERYTHING you need, including all of the following, backlinking, article submission, social networking,  RSS,  podcast, classified ads, video, and much much more.

And on top of that, add on software is available that can really launch any new project to the top of the search engines with high quality reaseach tools and extra software that has yet to be announced.We  expect a great deal of interest when the product is launched on the above date.  Judging from previous launches we can confidently say that this will be a remarkable product since all previous launches by Anik Singal, Jimmy Kim and Andrew X  have been huge sucesses and have been very powerful.